Mary Armentrout is an experimental choreographer, videographer, performer, and the director of the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater (MADT). Her mixed discipline, site-specific works have toured across the US and the UK, and recently won a San Francisco Bay Area Isadora Duncan Dance Award. Armentrout’s works are grounded in her ongoing investigations of the Feldenkrais mind-body practice, and how this practice intersects with the technological realities of contemporary life. This practice problematizes the lived experience of intentionality and presence, and includes the audience as a key element of each performance equation. MADT has been presented at numerous venues all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including ODC Theater, The LAB, Z Space, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, as well as in less proscenium-oriented spaces including a bathroom, a beach, and a car. MADT has also been presented across the US and the UK, Europe, and China, at spaces/festivals such as SFIAF, Brighton Fringe, Fresh Festival, Highways (LA), Danspace Project (NYC), Judson Church (NYC) and Tanzfabrik (Berlin).  Armentrout has received support from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Wattis Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Fohr Foundation, the Clorox Company Foundation, The Lighting Artists in Dance Award, the New Stages for Dance Award, and the CA$H Grant program, and residencies at Djerassi, The LAB, the Garage, CounterPULSE, Chalk Hill, and Mall of Found.

Evelyn Ficarra is a composer and sound artist. She has a strong focus on electro-acoustic and collaborative work and has written music for dance, music theatre, multi media, experimental film, radio, installation and the concert hall.  Her interests coalesce at the borders between disciplines, where music becomes gesture becomes image, in a recursive, reversible journey, evoking contradictory impulses towards movement and stillness. Her work has received support from the Arts Council of England, the London Arts Board, the Hinrichsen Foundation, Poems on the Underground and others, and has been heard internationally in concerts/installations/festivals such as MANCA, London International Festival of Theatre, Vienna Festival, City of London Festival, Brighton Fringe and SFAIF. Current preoccupations include investigations of disembodied/re-embodied ‘sound objects’ in theatrical contexts. Evelyn is currently a Lecturer in Music at the University of Sussex, England.

Ian Winters, is a video and media artist working at the intersections of physical performance, installations/architectural form, and time-based media.   In addition to individual work, he often collaborates with composers, directors, and choreographers to create both staged and site-specific media environments through performance, visual, and acoustic media. He also teaches and lectures widely on the intersections of live media, physical computing, installation, and performance. His work as both an individual artist and in collaboration has been seen widely in the US, Europe, and Asia. Recent awards include Creative Work Fund, Master Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Rainin, Clorox, and Zellerbach Foundation funding, residencies at Djerassi, Sussex University, and Earthdance, and Isadora Duncan Awards for visual design.