how to put yourself in the timelapse

ADD YOUR LISTENING TO OUR PROJECT  As part of our current project, we are listening – to many things – including a hill. Perhaps listening to a hill sounds poetic to you; it sounds poetic to us too! Our main way of “listening” to the hill is by timelapse video, which may sound curious – listening by way of images, isn’t that a mix-up of different senses? – but the poetic way that listening can be done through sight or touch or smell is partly the kind of listening we are interested in doing and sharing and exhibiting through this project. And for this we could use some help.  That is where you come in!

Our plan is to “listen” by way of timelapse to the hillside outside EMPAC (and its grand staircase) for a whole year!  This way we will get to learn about this site over an extended period of time, and include that knowledge and experience in our piece. For this project we have mounted a video camera along the west window wall of EMPAC. The camera films the EMPAC staircase and its adjacent hillside.

Timelapse video is really great to watch – it has the effect of speeding up time – you can watch a day or a year whiz by, a flower opening, a building being constructed.  Unfortunately it is less fun to “be” in, since it conversely takes a really long time for things to show up, especially things like humans at their normal speed of moving.  In order to show up successfully in timelapse you have to physically slow down, or be still, or repeat things for a really long time. However, this is also actually an opportunity and an invitation to slow down and enjoy “listening” in this unusual way, and help our project while it helps you have an unusual experience.


In order to help our project we need people willing to hang out in the frame of the timelapse camera for about an hour! We know that’s a long time. But if that can sound fun or interesting to you, we would love your help.

Here is a view of the shot we would like people to inhabit:

here’s what you do:

  1. find a spot in the frame of the camera. use this link to the live feed to see what’s happening in the view of the camera right now – there is a slight time delay, but this is what is currently happening in the shot. you can unfortunately generally only see this image from inside the EMPAC building, not so reliably outside on the hill.
  2. sit somewhere for an hour – we have chairs you can borrow
  3. lie down somewhere for an hour – we have blankets you can borrow
  4. walk back and forth on the stairs or the hill for an hour – ok that takes stamina, but it would be really wonderful
  5. or some combination of the above?
  6. please feel free to use any of the chairs, pillows, blankets, or costume clothing including motorcycle helmets, that is out on the platform down in the lower landing of the staircase

AND, the animating idea should be that you are “listening” to your environment (which aspect? you decide – geology, history, social justice, architecture, sunlight patterns, are some that come to mind) as you are doing the physical activity that you have chosen.  get the idea?

pick out a spot or spots and have fun!

(TIP – check the live stream of the camera to make sure you are in the spot you want to be in)


We are also making a sound bank of sounds from the hill and stairway. And we would love your contributions to that as well. You can do this while you are sitting/lying/walking in the time-lapse, if you want to contribute in both audio and visual ways! Or you can do this audio part separately:

  1. Hold still for at least one minute, and listen with your ears
  2. Get out your smart phone or other recording device, point it towards the sounds, and record for as long as you still feel interested in the sounds
  3. Go to this link and upload your sound:

Alternative method:

  1. Hold still for at least one minute, listen with your ears
  2. Get out your phone and dial this number: 1 530 636 6661
  3. Leave a message listing and describing the sounds you hear – if you don’t have a phone on you while you’re on the hill, you can call later with the list


We need to have a record of what you did, so we can find you in the footage – we don’t want to lose you! – and be able to credit you for your work on the project. Once you have added some of your listening by way of presence in the timelapse or audio recording, fill out your info in our PARTICIPANT LOG HERE.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENRICHING OUR PROJECT WITH YOUR PRESENCE AND YOUR PERSPECTIVE! WE HOPE YOU WILL STAY IN TOUCH, AND HOPE YOU WILL COME SEE THE FINAL SHOW IN SEPTEMBER 2018.  Check back at this website for updates on the show, other aspects of the project, workshops and other ways to be involved, and we hope that your adventures in embodied listening continue…

And, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send them to me at