Incorporating innovative technologies including a year-long video time-lapse, stop-action go-pro usage, and LED sensor mapping of the sky, listening creates an opening is a complex, multi-layered conversation between technology and embodiment that shows and allows the audience to feel how our relationship to technology changes when we become conscious of how our own bodies anchor us within the natural and humanly constructed worlds we walk in.

The piece builds from an extended dance theater solo for Mary Armentrout, in which she listens, questions, responds, and attempts to situate her performative personae within the layers of local histories, environments, technologies, and constructed identities she finds herself in conversation with. This listening solo morphs as different performers start animating the central persona of “the lady in the long black dress.” And this central listening “solo” cascades into a group listening event as the audience is drawn along through different bodily relationships to the central performative figure. Lying on the ground watching for glimpses of “her” on a rooftop, walking through town wondering where “she” will appear, listening to “her” voice in the darkness next to a river, they start to feel how their own bodies are part of what is creating this piece, and perhaps gradually come to feel more deeply the importance of their own embodiment in active listening.

Together, through the communal listening activity that is the performance experience, we will find ourselves engaged in creating a collective meditation on the historicity of place, technology, and embodiment.

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